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Dieter C. Nass

Managing Director - Business Community

Speaker Portrait


Graduate industrial engineer

  • Head of Business Community Expert Advisory Board
  • Director Business Community Co-operation Management
  • Managing Director and Founder AVATARA GmbH
  • Managing Director ERDE Medizin GmbH
  • Sales and Marketing Manager Ingram/Macroton AG

Expertise / expert knowledge

Corporate development, growth strategies, lobbying, moderation, speaker, keynote speaker, coaching in the areas of strategic business development (development and expansion), sales and marketing.


BC Business Community International

The community of interest for sustainable business development and system expansion for companies with decentralised sales structures.

The business community negotiates, develops and designs innovative solution concepts and exclusive benefits together with the companies and preferred partners (suppliers, service providers, technical experts) to increase company growth, profitability and the success of the systems.

AVATARA Marketing and Sales Consultancy

AVATARA initialises, promotes and supports company-specific development processes.

From analysis to strategy development, pragmatic implementation of concepts in practice to the controlling of implemented measures, AVATARA ensures your success in sales and marketing.